Hi all. I'm  Susan and this is  my first plunge into the world of blogs. I have been a Crafty person ever since I can remember, a gift I inherited from my mom who is a wonderfully talented crafter and seamstress. .
I decided to start now because of a challenge on the Hear 2 Heart blogs.  The challenge was to make a Tuxedo-Black and White valentine without any of the usual colors we associate with Valentines.
So I thought a bit for awhile, how could you do it without looking cheesy or morbid? Abut twenty minutes later, while looking at a picture of one of my favorite animals orca whales, it hit me...orcas are perfect for this one. So I grabbed a piece of blank paper and my pencil and started ī to sketch. After a while I had this going.
When the sketching wad finished I had this.

So that was it, I  was hooked on this. The first thing I had to do was make cutting patterns for the whales and their markings because I  don't have my Cricut yet  (I ordered it on Friday )  so everythi…